Hawai’i: 2013 Spring Break Trip

2013 Spring Break Course: ICS 280/380: The People and Cultures of Hawai’i

ICS 280/380: The People and Cultures of Hawai’i is designed to introduce students to the complex blending of cultures that originated and immigrated to the Hawai’ian Islands. Students will gain an appreciation of the unique history of the Islands, including Pre-European Hawai’i, a review of the major gods of the Hawai’ian’s religion and its role in the rich and diverse mythology of Hawai’i, the impact of Captain James Cook, Missionaries and Whalers, the Hawai’ian Monarchy and the Revolution, the Sugar and Pineapple Industries, World War II, statehood and the current movements on Sovereignty, Human Rights for Hawai’ians and other Political Issues. By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of and appreciation for Polynesian, Indigenous and Asian cultures that came together in Hawai’i in addition to an introductory understanding of the history and development of the Hawai’ian culture. The week spent in Oahu will enhance the learning through lecture, readings, photographs and film prior to and post travel.

Following weekly meetings the first seven weeks of the course, the study away portion of the course will be spent on the Island of Oahu, Hawai’i. We will participate in a Short-term Program offered through the University of Hawaii at Manoa School of Pacific and Asian Studies. Following is a link to the informative website http://manoa.hawaii.edu/spas/?page_id=16

The Program provides all airfare, ground transportation, housing in the Residence Halls on campus, meals on campus, and lectures and experiential learning opportunities lead by University of Hawaii (UH) faculty experts. Instruction by local professors provides students with an intellectual challenge through direct and authentic sources (Vande Berg and Paige, 2009). Students will have full access to the University’s libraries and other academic resources so they can begin the research needed for the final project.

In consultation with the faculty from Elmhurst College, the Short term Program Director will arrange all of the on-campus activities as well as visits to various museums and others sites of historical and cultural importance including a tour of the island guided by a Professor in the Center for Pacific Island Studies, the Bishop Museum, The Hawaiian Plantation Village, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Iolani Palace, the Mission House Museum, and Kaweiahao Church.

The course includes two service-learning opportunities: working with disadvantaged children at an after school learning center and working with local members to maintain a Heiau, a sacred place where ancient religious practices occurred. Students will share a traditional lunch with the locals when their clean-up is complete. Students will be expected to meet all requirements of the UH Faculty and keep a journal and a final reflection paper that covers the field trips.

The course will resume two weeks after we return from Oahu. The post travel portion of the course will focus on reflecting and revisiting historical and cultural material covered before travel to Oahu. The post-study away reflection provides learners opportunities to apply new knowledge and skills gained during the study away experience to their pre-study away knowledge and understanding of course material (Vande Berg and Paige, 2009). In this case the materials are readings and media about the people, history and cultures of Hawai’i.

Overall Schedule:

  • Meet weekly (face-to-face) for seven (7) weeks
  • Spring Break Trip to Oahu
  • Meet weekly (face-to-face) for last seven (7) weeks

Price: $2,500.00 – includes airfare, ground transportation in Oahu, housing in the Residence Halls on the University of Hawai’i-Manoa campus, meals while on campus, and lectures and experiential learning opportunities led by University of Hawaii (UH) faculty experts.

Faculty Contacts:

Dr. Kathleen Rust, Director, Intercultural Studies Program

Associate Professor of Business

LH 325

630-617-3343 (O)

Dr. Richard Schultz

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Geosciences

Coordinator, GIS Certificate Program

DH 316

630-617-3128 (O)

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